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Art History B.A. Admissions Requirements

Academic Requirements

Majors begin by taking two survey courses (AHI 101 and AHI 102) that introduce the issues and major monuments of art history. Building on this foundation, students complete six upper-level AHI electives courses. These advanced courses provide more focused examinations of the history and concerns of specific societies. Majors are additionally required to take a pro-seminar, which provides a basic introduction to the debates and methods of the field; a methods course; and three sequential semesters of language study, or the equivalent. While a senior honors thesis is not required, majors are encouraged to consider undertaking such a project during their final year.

Transfer Students

All Art History transfer courses must be evaluated and approved by the department. Generally, the following transfer courses will be accepted: the equivalent of AHI 101 and AHI 102 covering the history of art from ancient to modern, and any two of the area courses. Transcripts are required for all courses, and course descriptions are required for any of the area courses.

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