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EP/GD Computer Lab Assistant Checklist

EP/GD Computer Lab Assistant Responsibility Checklist

Important Contact Numbers

Dom: if you can’t make it in at the last minute, or if there is a lab emergency

Mobile/Txt: 716-830-____

Campus Police: 716-645-2222

Be Here, On Time

You are responsible for getting your shifts covered. If you know ahead of time that you will miss a shift, email the listserv and try to get coverage:

•If you cannot get coverage, and missing the shift is unavoidable, contact Dom ASAP. The lab will need to close during that time.

•If you leave more than one shift uncovered, your position will be terminated.

•Initial the Log Sheet and mark your Time-In and Time-Out, and leave any notes that will help Dom or other monitors.

Personal Safety

Know your door code and the alarm code.

•Don’t share the codes

Don’t work alone at night.

•Don’t prop open the doors.

SB1 Safety Shuttle:

Lab Security

Don’t leave the lab unattended. There must always be a lab monitor, faculty, or grad in the room at all times. If you must leave, put another monitor or faculty person in charge, or else close the lab.

▾At the start of your shift, walk around the room.

•Make sure all computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, and headphones are in place.

•Push in chairs, pick up trash & recyclables

▾Cleaning supplies are by the sink

•Handiwipes for headphones, keyboards and mice

•Simple Green for table tops


•Printers are for EPCD artwork only. Text documents and work not related to EPCD should be printed in Lockwood.

•Only lab supplied papers should be used. If you see anyone with their own paper, or head someone opening trays inside the room, stop them immediately.

•Resart if no prints are emerging

•Rebuild printer in system preferences

•Don’t touch the hot parts

Only monitors may load paper and deal with jams

•Make sure others do not try to load their own paper – must use supplied paper only

Equipment sign-outs

•Hold the user’s ID card if they need to use scanner film holders or Wacom tablet

•Books, magazines and all other equipment should remain in the lab.

Fire Drills

•Everyone must vacate the building during a fire alarm. The back door is the nearest exit. Be the last to leave, and close the door behind you.

First Aid, emergencies

•First Aid kit by the monitor’s desk. Let Dom know if you use something from it.

•Campus police: 645-2222

•AED in corridor

More Info

See more details at

Links to Work Study Time Sheets, Schedules, and more

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