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Emerging Practices faculty stress the critical exploration of emerging media forms where the major means for exploration and expression stem from unique properties of these technologies. The Emerging Practice concentration’s curriculum is multidisciplinary and requires studio practice and research. Building on knowledge of conventional art practices, students learn the technical, tactical, cultural and communicative potential of emerging technologies such as interactive multi-media, electronic installation, networked telematic communication, robotic art, three-dimensional simulation, biotechnology, and algorithmic image synthesis.
Fundamental EP principles include:

  • Emerging Practices resist pre-packaged media, and seek to create their own.
  • Emerging Practices are interdisciplinary in concept, execution, and critique.
  • Emerging Practices engage the latest technologies, scientific processes and best practices available and attempt to give them new agency.
  • Emerging Practices are Tactical. They often reclaim, alter or appropriate existing technologies through creative re-use for communicative cultural purposes.

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