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Guidelines for Submitting an Article to the News Section

The Department of Art welcomes your submission to our News section. Items of direct interest to or involving Art students, alumni and faculty will be considered for posting to our website and emailing to our subscribers.

  1. The full name and titles of relevant people and organizations.
  2. The relationship of the subject to our students, alumni and faculty.
  3. If the subject is a person, include the years in which s/he was involved with the department (as a student, an employee, collaborator…) and a brief description of what was done while here.
  4. Full details about the item being discussed, including dates, locations, hours, and contact information.
  5. A description of any images that can be provided (If your article is selected for publication, you will be asked to submit JPGs or PNGs via email. Images should be no wider than 800px and no higher than 600px.)
  6. Your name and other information relevant to you as the author.
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