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Millie Chen: Four Recollections, Review in Hyperallergic

March 14, 2018  by: Dom

Millie Chen, “egg MUSEUM” (2018, photo courtesy Jeff Wells, Millie Chen, CU Art Museum and University of Colorado Boulder

Millie Chen: Four Recollections is a new installation conceived during Professor Chen’s artist-in-residence at CU Boulder between September 11 and October 12, 2017. It will remain on view until July 21, 2018.

From Hyperallergic:

Millie Chen seems to acknowledge the fallibility of memory in “egg MUSEUM.” She gives the objects new lives, highlighting what connects them — painful stories of displacement — rather than focusing on what makes them personal or unique. Debord writes that “it is the historical moment that contains us.” But Chen suggests that maybe history doesn’t contain us — maybe we contain history. Spectacle can be destructive, but the shared act of looking, and looking back, can also build community and empathy.

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