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MFA Student Mizin Shin to Give “Non-Toxic Intaglio” Demo at SGCI Atalanta 2017

March 13, 2017  by: Natalie Fleming

MFA student Mizin Shin will give a demonstration at the 2017 Southern Graphics Council International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 15th – March 18th, 2017.

This demonstration primarily shows a non-toxic intaglio technique. By employing acrylic plates (or “plexiglass”) as a matrix, we can utilize a material that is not only easily accessible but also inexpensive. To establish an image on the acrylic plate, we use a kind of drypoint technique. Acrylic plates can be scratched with just about any tool, including professional engraving tools to achieve fine detail. In terms of easy usability and simplicity, a hand-held rotary tool (such as a “Dremel”) or the small electric drills designed for nail art are recommended. The tools can be used to engrave not only delicate lines, but also rough textures in the image. The demonstration will also present techniques to build up interesting textures using sand, powder, glue, and varnish. Through these techniques, printmakers will be able to avoid commonly used toxic materials while simultaneously making use of cheaper and more easily accessible alternatives.

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