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This Week in the Project Space: MFA Student Kyla Kegler

November 1, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming


UB Department of Art MFA student Kyla Kegler is set up in the Project Space between October 31-November 6, installing and developing two bodies of work that overlap, inform, and participate with one another.

“Learning About Paint” (or) “Instead of Žižek and Screens” is an in-progress series of non-representational paintings produced strictly as formal experiments in sensual, visual communication, paired with poetically narrative, after-thought titles and accompanied by a sound layer of audio interruptions.  This will remain on display in the gallery for the duration of the project.

The second body of work is a series of research performance showings, or ‘sessions,’ that engage different faculties of sensual experience and that will activate the space several times over the course of the installation period.  These sessions will be an open invitation to the community, the schedule will be posted in the gallery and to the Department of Art listserv as the project evolves.

Kyla states: “I am approaching this space as an arena for curated collaborative field research on the highly personal and subjective topics I am currently researching; namely the difference between cognitive, linear trajectories of interpretation, and sensual, experiential nonlinear structures.  The aim is to encounter familiar ideas in unfamiliar contexts, to discover new relationships to old phenomena, questioning if and how it is possible to bypass or at least subvert cognitive mediation of present sensations, and to privilege feeling over thinking.”

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