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Open Call for Work – “Ill at Ease: Dis-ease in Art” curated by PhD Student Conor Moynihan

June 6, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming

Joan Giroux, life review: sacrifice best what is not yours, 2015 Image Credit: JI Yang

Joan Giroux, life review: sacrifice best what is not yours, 2015
Image Credit: JI Yang

Open call for work in an exhibition curated by Visual Studies PhD Student Conor Moynihan in the Department of Art Gallery in Spring 2016.

Ill at Ease: Dis-ease in Art is an exhibition centered around the topic of illness—biological, physical, mental, societal, environmental—and, paradoxically, health. Bound up in an often tense position within American culture, illness and health structure the ways we interact with the others, society, and the world. This exhibition explores how illness, far from being a stable category, shifts according to ever changing societal anxieties and reveals the limitations of the collective and individual human body. Illness, in the name of health, is often denied, rendered invisible, and shunned. Ill at Ease aims to make illness visible, to explore our fraught and complicated relationships to it.

Ill at Ease will look at ways illness is moralized, used as metaphor, “othered,” disruptive, or assimilated and normalized to unpack the discomfort that has been built up around the ill body. We are currently soliciting submissions for consideration in inclusion in the exhibition. Artwork that explores illness from a variety of vantage points are encouraged, including but not limited to caregiver, patient, survivor, etc. Works can connect to the thesis in variety of ways. All mediums of work will be considered, including but not limited to sculpture, painting, drawings, video, new media, and performance.

Call for Work Application

Ill at Ease Exhibition Information

Ill at Ease is UB Department of Art Gallery’s 2016-2017 Graduate Curatorial Project. In this annual program, graduate students are invited to submit ideas for an exhibition that demonstrates significant educational, artistic, and/or cultural value for the UB and larger Western New York community.

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