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THIS FRIDAY: Caroline Doherty AND Shane Farrell, MFA Thesis Exhibitions at CEPA

April 19, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming

Join MFA students Caroline Doherty and Shane Farrell for an opening reception
on Friday April 22, 7-10pm, with live performances throughout.
CEPA Gallery, 617 Main Street, Buffalo
Exhibitions on view April 22 – May 28


Caroline Doherty’s Basic Furnishings for Unequal Spaces is a site-specific installation and performance developed specifically for CEPA’s second floor Passageway Galleries. The minimal installation envisions the Passageway as a series of conceptually linked rooms whose individual purposes are decided by the carefully crafted and familiar objects inside. When activated by performers, these archetypal objects change purpose, dynamics of power shift, and new narratives form.


Shane Farrell’s PROXYSELF: An Implosive Point of Infinite Density Emerges from Outlines Smashed into the Basement of Life uses the technology of the 3D body scan to create new political possibilities and potentialities. Through the merging of the near past and near future, the work exists in an uncanny alter-present in which new types of flux are consistently possible. The scan, stolen from a multinational tech corporation, is used not as an image of the self, but as a proxyself, an alternative not-quite-self that can act in place of the “real” self. By virtue of acting by proxy through the husk-object self of the scan, new possibilities and new types of policing open up in equal measure. Digital narcissism and the self-reflexive echo chamber of social media are pushed to such extremes that they transmogrify into something else entirely. The proxyself is a networked disappearance from the typical strict confines of representation and identity. It is a strategic maneuver that creates a liminal space from which a cryptographic ecology of non-identification can emerge.

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