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Professor Jasmina Tumbas Curates Selma Selman’s 1st U.S. Solo Exhibition at Dreamland

February 19, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming

Selma Selman. Me postojisarav – Postojim – I exist.

March 4 – March 25, 2016
Opening and Performance: March 4, 8:00pm.

Dreamland, Buffalo, NY (387 Franklin St.)

Curated by Dr. Jasmina Tumbas, Assistant Professor, Department of Art, University at Buffalo.

Dreamland showcases the first U.S. solo exhibition of Selma Selman, Bosnian artist of Roma origins, currently based in Syracuse, NY. Curated by Jasmina Tumbas, Me postojisarav – Postojim – I exist, presents Selman’s struggle with the questions of statelessness, multi-generational trauma, and survival. Land and body become sites of emancipation and persecution for Selman, which the artist explores in video-works, sound sculptures, paintings, and a new performance work, premiering March 4, at Dreamland in Buffalo. Selman complicates the notions of what it means to maintain self-sovereignty as a foreigner in her land of origin and her current home. Ultimately, her search for political resistance situates this confrontation within the gendered and racialized presumptions about citizenship, belonging, and identity.

Selma Selman’s (b. 1991 in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina) work ranges from performance, painting, and photography to video and installation. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2014 from Banja Luka University’s Department of Painting, where she worked, among others, with the renowned Bosnian performance artist Mladen Miljanovic, who represented Bosnia at the 55th Venice Biennial in 2013. Selman participated in Tania Bruguera’s International Summer Academy in Salzburg, ‘Arte Util’ (Useful Art) in 2013, and she was a fellow for the Roma Graduate Preparation Program at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary the following year. In 2015, Selman was the recipient of the prestigious Young Visual Artist Award for best young artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a residency in NYC. She is currently working on her MFA at Syracuse University.

Selman’s work has been shown at numerous international festivals and exhibitions, including Luxemburg City Film Festival, Sarajevo’s PichWise Festival, Slam Fest in Osijek, the Summer Academy in Salzburg, Bl-art festival in Banja Luka, andDubrovnik’s Perforation Festival: A Week of Live Art in 2014. Her exhibition at Dreamland, Me postojisarav – Postojim – I exist, is her first solo show in the United States.

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