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Plus and Minus: An Exhibition by Photography Student Lingxiang Wu Opens Friday, December 4th

December 1, 2015  by: Natalie Fleming


Please join photography student Lingxiang Wu for the opening of the exhibition Plus and Minus on Friday, December 4th from 6 to 9pm.  The exhibition will be on view at Glow Gallery, 224 Allen Street, Buffalo, NY from December 4th until December 10th.

In this exhibition, dualistic content is created by juxtaposing two photographic series, which were processed by using art historical approaches such as subtraction and addition. In “Flux”, colored photographs contained in an aquarium float and collide with each other as well as with various materials in order to create six chaotic and surrealistic space-images. “Breathing Space” is a series of 10 B&W photographs created by eliminating elements in the photographs. Hence, the remaining essential elements present a minimal but equally surrealistic space-image.

Plus and Minus is a response to our generation on how we need to use multiple perspectives to process and understand the overwhelming amount of information presented to us on a daily basis. A little twist on our way of seeing can lead to very different results.

Lingxiang Wu is a student in Professor Sylvie Bélanger‘s ART470 Photography: An Art Practice course, where each student plans and executes a solo photography exhibition in galleries throughout Western New York.

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