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"Vi Nemate Pojma. You Have No Idea": Video Screening, Performance and Discussion with Artist Selma Selman

April 20, 2015  by: Natalie Fleming

Selma Selman
Selma Selman, Vi Nemate Pojma. You Have No Idea

Video screening, performance and discussion with artist Selma Selman at Dreamland
Wed, April 29, 8:00pm
387 Franklin St, Buffalo, New York 14202
Introduction and discussion by Dr. Jasmina Tumbas, Assistant Professor, Department of Art, University at Buffalo

“The most important thing is that I use my identity not to tell people that my art belongs to Roma, but that my art is reality and my way of living…. My position and task in the system of art is to make a contemporary picture that will mean something to those who want equality in the society. Exploring the presence of the Roma in the society – according to me – is connected with destruction; a crash of sociological and cultural identity of human beings.” – Selma Selman

The bodies of Roma are in danger, as are their manifold cultural legacies and futures, which have not only been erased and violated by political and social mechanisms of systematic oppression, murder, and discrimination, but which have been, and still are, marginalized within the sphere of art. In collaboration with the Department of Art at the University at Buffalo, Dreamland hosts an evening with visual artist Selma Selman (b. 1991) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the screening of her video works, a discussion with a Q&A, and a new performance work by Selman on April 29, at 8:00pm.

Selma Selman’s work ranges from performance, painting, and photography to video and installation, and has been shown at numerous international festivals and exhibitions, including Slam Fest in Osijek, the Summer Academy in Salzburg, Bl-art festival in Banja Luka, and Dubrovnik’s Perforation Festival: A Week of Live Art in 2014.  She holds a degree from the Art Academy of Painting in Banja Luka and is currently the recipient of the Young Visual Artist Award for best young artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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