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Corina Apostol, Co-Founder of ArtLeaks: Talk on October 24th

October 22, 2014  by: Natalie Fleming


Please join us for Corina Apostol’s talk this coming Friday, Oct 24, at 1:00pm at the Center for the Arts at University at Buffalo (Room 146). Apostol is the co-founder of the ArtLeaks Collective and is currently pursuing her PhD in art history at Rutgers University. In her talk, “Another Art World? Between Precarity and Resistance,” Apostol will be discussing her art/activist work with ArtLeaks.

“ArtLeaks is a collective platform initiated by an international group of artists, curators, art historians and intellectuals in response to the abuse of their professional integrity and the open infraction of their labor rights. In the art world, such abuses usually disappear, but some events bring them into sharp focus and therefore deserve public scrutiny. Only by drawing attention to concrete abuses can we underscore the precarious condition of cultural workers and the necessity for sustained protest against the appropriation of politically engaged art, culture and theory by institutions embedded in a tight mesh of capital and power.” Source:

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