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This Week in the Project Space – Object/Icon: Student Drawings from Drawing Concepts ART 207 A

October 13, 2014  by: Natalie Fleming


Student Drawings – Object/Icon
Drawing Exhibition in the Project Space – CFA 155
From: Drawing Concepts ART 207 A
Instructor: B. Koenig

Exhibition on view through Saturday, October 18th.

Featured Students:

Aziza Abdul-Alim
Gina Balducci
Evelyn Bellreng
Hannah Belotte
Ziza Calhoun
Tiana Cintron
Lydia Daggett
Yan Gong
Lindsey Harrison
Natalie Miller
Christina Morad
Austin Snisky
Gawon Song
Emmanuel Ulasi
Melisa Villavicencio
Zening Wang
John Wightman

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