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Conversations on Emerging Practices – Fall 2013

November 4, 2013  by: Natalie Fleming


Mary Mattingly • Tuesday, November 12, 6-8pm, CFA 286

Mary Mattingly’s work collapses boundaries between performance, sculpture, architecture, and documentation. Through wearable environments and autonomous living systems, her practice addresses nomadic themes that are based on the need to migrate due to current and future environmental and political situations. She is founder of the Waterpod Project: a self-sufficient habitat and public space atop a barge built to explore future collaborative living situations that docked throughout NYC in 2009.

Art Jones • Tuesday, November 26, 6-8pm, CFA 146

Art Jones works with film, digital video, television and interactive media in the roles of director, director of photography, screenwriter and editor. He is best known for for his innovation in the art of audio/visual mixing. His live mixes have been performed in collaboration with musicians and artists including Soundlab,DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, Phillip Virus with Alec Empire, Teleseen, Amiri Baraka, Femmes with Fatal Breaks, and Anti-Pop Consortium.

Renée Ridgway • Saturday, December 7, 5-7pm, Burning Books, 420 Connecticut Street, Buffalo

Renée Ridgway is an artist, free-lance curator, writer and educator based in Amsterdam. Since completing her MA at the Piet Zwart Institute, she has exhibited widely in the Netherlands and internationally at venues including P.S.1 MoMA Hotel New York, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Museum De Lakenhal, and the Gouda Museum. Her current research ‘Two-Row Wampum Trail’, is a transmedia project that focuses on Dutch colonization and the trade relations with the First Nations to provide a more pluralistic interpretation of the contemporary context.

Emerging Practices is an interdisciplinary initiative between the departments of Media Study, Visual Studies, and Architecture at the University at Buffalo, formed to explore the technical, tactical, cultural, and communicative potential of emerging technologies in such domains as interactive multimedia, robotics, simulation systems, computational media, biotechnology, and image synthesis.

Support for Conversations on Emerging Practices series is provided by the Department of Art, Department of Media Study, Humanities Institute, Techne Institute, Graduate Student Association, and Squeaky Wheel. All lectures open to the public.

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