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Del LaGrace Volcano | Leslie-Lohman Queer Art Lecture Series, September 20, 2012

June 25, 2013  by: Dom

Del LaGrace Volcano

Del LaGrace Volcano is a photographer and self-proclaimed gender abolitionist who refuses our cultureʼs insistence on binary gender/sexuality/race labels (male/female; straight/queer; black/white). By enacting a blending of identities, s/he refuses to support these limited, and limiting, binaries in favour of a more inclusive, humane, and encompassing identification. Volcanoʼs use of the body to make visible the contested relationship between body, gender, and sexuality is mirrored verbally through his/her use of continually shifting gender pronouns.

Widely exhibited in Europe for more than 30 years, this appearance, in connection with a mid-career retrospective at the Leslie+Lohman Museum, represents Volcanoʼs first US museum exhibit and lecture.

The Leslie+Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Lecture Series is dedicated to queer art and artists. The series showcases the most significant contemporary queer artists with an emphasis on exploring the relationship between their sexuality and their art.

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