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Summer Course Seats Available – ART 350J 2D Animation

May 11, 2013  by: Dom

Erin Kuhn

New Student Animation Posted – See it here:

CLASSES BEGIN MAY 20 – Enrollment is limited – REGISTER TODAY!

ART 350 2D Animation
Session J
LAB M W R 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM CFA 136
Instructor: Domenic J. Licata

See <> for more info.
To register, visit <>

Set your illustrations in motion. Learn how to create posable drawings using Adobe Flash tools or by bringing in your own scans through Photoshop. We’ll explore exploring Character Animation (Lip Sync and Walk Cycles) – Rotoscoping (Drawing over Video) – Sound Recording and Effects – and many other techniques.

Successful animation involves an understanding of how the laws of physics apply to objects in motion, and of how human psychology affects the perception of 2D representations of those objects. Through a series of technical exercises, creative projects, and feature film screenings, this class will explore Adobe Flash and the unique abilities that it offers the animator.

Some of the topics covered will include:

• Understanding how physics applies to objects in motion
• Using psychology to convincingly exaggerate or break the rules of physics
• Disney’s “12 Principles of Animation”
• Storyboarding
• Creating micro-narratives
• Drawing in Flash
• Using Symbols and Interactivity
• Special Effects
• Working with Graphics
• Working with Sound
• Using ActionScript to control movie behavior

Feel free to email <> with questions.

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