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Gary Sczerbaniewicz, BENEATH SUSPICION | MFA Thesis Show Opens April 27

April 18, 2013  by: Dom

Gary Sczerbaniewicz, Beneath Suspicion

Excerpts from the notebook of T.D.H. Castle-Tunnel Master 2nd Class

An immersive, MFA Thesis installation by Gary Sczerbaniewicz

Opening reception Saturday, April 27 from 8-11p.m. The exhibition runs through June 9, 2013.

30d Essex Street
Buffalo, NY 14213

Sczerbaniewicz’s practice involves an insatiable fascination with interior and often, uncanny architectural spaces such as tunnels, mineshafts, catacombs, sewers, fallout shelters, basements, crawlspaces, confessional booths, and myriad other forms of Subterranea. This passion articulates itself in the form of immersive installations and various other two and three-dimensional strategies (drawings, models, videos, etc.). The work asserts and demonstrates the connections between these spaces and their historical, psychological, sociological, or political stratas.

Sczerbaniewicz states, “I seek to disorient the viewer in an attempt to break the staid and often detached, passive, and familiar approach to consuming artworks. I believe that it is only in this hermetic space where authentic communication between artist and viewer occurs. To this end I employ tactics of individual viewer experience, physical engagement (such as compelling the spectator to crawl, crouch, lay, or adopt an atypical posture within a viewing space), and use of scale shifts.”

Gary Sczerbaniewicz, winner of big orbit’s 2012 members’ exhibition, received his BFA in mixed media aculpture from Alfred University in 1995.  He will complete his MFA from the University of Buffalo’s Visual Studies Department this May. “Beneath Suspicion” is Gary’s MFA Thesis Exhibition, and continues a long history of technically masterful and psychologically impactful installations and performances.

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