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ZOOM: new work by Reinhard Reitzenstein

November 19, 2012  by: Dom

ZOOM: new work by Reinhard Reitzenstein

Prof. Reinhard Reitzenstein presents ZOOM at the Burlington Art Gallery, 1333 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, Ontario. November 24, 2012 – January 27, 2013. Reception: November 25, 2–4pm. Artists talk: January 20, 2013, 1:30pm.

Download the Zoom publication (512kb PDF)

This gathering of objects and images zooms from the transpersonal vastness of oceans and landscapes toward the intimacy of moss-wrapped stones dripping with moisture—and moves still further into the impersonal world of sub-atomic events.

Reitzenstein’s first panoptic, Rained Out, was a stitching together of a sequence of photos that showed a change taking place over a period of time. In this exhibition the Higgs boson sculpture portrays a sequence of sub-atomic events taking place within a tiny fraction of a second.

In the 1980s Reitzenstein began to work with images of biological materials as seen through electron scanning microscopes. Large-scale drawings as well as sculptures of steel and bronze brought previously invisible details to a scale relative to the human body, enabling us to engage with these forms as a tangible experience. For this exhibition Reitzenstein has created three-dimensional images of minute phenomena, based on the mathematical results of physics experiments. He imagines all of these objects as physical models referencing the questions and processes investigated by high-energy physics researchers. The atomic orbitals and the Higgs boson are like phantom images echoing their thoughts. Through new developments in the life sciences and physics our capacity to visualize ever-smaller aspects of the universe continues to expand, revealing realities we can barely imagine.

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