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Visual Studies Faculty & Alumni at the International Symposia on Electronic Art

October 30, 2012  by: Dom

ISEA Prof. Paul Vanouse

Prof. Paul Vanouse looks for Thermus acquaticus bacteria from a nearby hot springs.

From the UB Reporter, October 25, 2012:

[The International Symposia on Electronic Art] “is one of the most important academic gatherings on electronic art worldwide, bringing together the worlds of art and science,” explains Stephanie Rothenberg, associate professor of visual studies and a featured artist and co-organizer of ISEA 2012.

Rothenberg notes that she organized the “Econotopias” subtheme that focused on “creative economies as drivers of possibility. Presentations and artworks in this subtheme explored alternative economic models, such as micro-finance, cooperative living and virtual peer-2-peer currencies,” she says.

VS Alumni taking part were Alice Alexandrescu, Tim Scaffidi, Marc Tomko and Caitlin Cass.

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