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Ryan Legassicke, MFA 2009 | States of Security/Security States

May 9, 2012  by: Dom

Ryan Legassicke, MFA 2009, has installed a site specific project in Philadelphia at the Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site. The show opens Friday May 11 and runs through Nov. 2012.

The artist depicts the cross sections of five real security barricades or boarder fences. He states, “The fall of the Berlin Wall was an event that is widely regarded as the ultimate victory for democracy and free society. How is it then that we find so many new walls being built around the world?”

The May 2012 issue of Azure Magazine (Toronto) features an image of a recent chair Legassicke designed. The chair is from a project called Home of the Moment that he began working on while living in Detroit last spring, and was recently shown at MADE’s offsite exhibition Radiant Dark during Toronto design week. In a set of six one separate part from each chair is replaced with clear acrylic. Chairs can be assembled and disassembled knock-down style for easy storage and shipping.

In October 2011 Legassicke gave a talk at TEDx Bermuda about an art project called Separation Wall Global Park: A Proposal. This project was inspired by the way Toronto, Canada was changed during the June 2010 G20 Summit.  It was developed in Berlin, Germany, later that fall.

Ryan Legassicke is a contemporary Canadian artist born in 1979. His current work examines contemporary urban spaces and makes connections between our shared aesthetic experience and the idea that we are becoming progressively more disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the places that we inhabit. If our built environment, the stuff that we surround ourselves with, is a refection of our vales as a culture, can we conclude that this same environment, created both individually and as a society, influences the way we experience and feel about the world?  And furthermore, with the rise of globalization, does this happen on a larger scale? Do the ways that other cultures choose to live, or are forced to live reflect and influence us?”

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