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October 12, 2011  by: Dom

The students from The Photography Seminar are starting a series of public events. The first event is a lecture series. 10 young artists actively engaged in diverse creative practices including photography, installation and film will open a dialogue with the Buffalo community about their artistic process and philosophy.

  • Sam Avery – Documentary film centering on the “Successful Life” of four South Africans looking for significance in their life despite their hardships.
  • John Bono – Exploration of melancholy and the sublime
  • Melissa Chesney – Capture of unity through individual differences
  • Derek Farkas – Using decaying media in an effort to uncover overlooked “other”
  • Richard Girardin – Exploring photography in three dimensions
  • Joshua Gordon – Using alternative photographic process to dissect urban landscapes
  • Jaehyun Kim – Photographic and Programming methods observe the discrepancy between who we are, and how we are perceived
  • Alex Kral – Euphorically inspired awareness of the human body’s landscape
  • Lauren Nowicki – Analysis of feminism and female perception
  • Binh Phan – Shadow oriented investigation of the existence within negative space

We welcome everyone who would like to participate to this forum.

“Main Washington Exchange”
523 Main St. or 500 Washington St.
Monday, October 17th and Tuesday, October 18th at 7 PM.

202 Center for the Arts, North Campus
Buffalo, New York 14260-6010
(716) 645-6878
(716) 645-6970 fax
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