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Best Practices in Banana Time

September 16, 2010  by: Dom

What happens when OPRAH and KARL MARX collaborate on a JAPANESE GAME SHOW?

It’s BEST PRACTICES IN BANANA TIME – a mixed reality talk show that takes place on stage at the EMPIRE DRIVE-IN at the 2010 01SJ Biennial and simultaneously in the 3D virtual world of SECOND LIFE on Eyebeam Island. Starring Stephanie Rothenberg, Alice Alexandrescu and Marc Tomko.

“Best Practices in Banana Time” at 2010 01SJ Biennial!
This Friday, Sept 17 at 9:00 PM PST
Empire Drive-In South Hall
San Jose, California

Hosted by Stephanie Rothenberg’s virtual doppelganger (aka DOCTOR RODENBERGER) and special co-host Alice Alexandrescu (aka ROBIN HOOF) “Best Practices in Banana Time” explores new forms of online labor in the global, digital workplace. The talk show features virtual Second Life guests, people at computers around the world controlling avatars, who work the same job in their real life as in their virtual Second Life.

Your eyes will be glued to the stage with the exciting line-up for the 01SJ Biennial which includes a virtual world builder for NASA and creator of California’s virtual VOTING STATIONS, a MATERNITY NURSE for real life and Second Life BABIES plus a telematic musical jam with performers playing live on stage and virtually from MUSIC CITY USA.

During the one hour captivating show, Doctor Rodenberger and Robin Hoof will question the potential of these thriving socially networked virtual environments. Can they really be considered a viable source of job income in a recessed economy? What is the translation of skills, values and ideologies between worlds? What is the impact and potential of these digital environments on our everyday real lives?

And if you’re SWIMMING with questions, you can dive right in with our live streaming webcam that enables the real life audience to participate in a Q&A session with the virtual guests.

Now what’s a talk show without a HOUSE BAND? MT Big Boots (aka Marc Tomko aka distant relative of PAUL SHAFFER) will be spinning all your favorite talk show hits and then some.

Oh no! You can’t be there live? Well, duh, you can always LOG ON ( Island/78/34/124) but don’t crash our sim!

HOLY GIGAFLOPS! What more could you ask for? A free prize give away? Our lips are sealed so get off your potato couch and come to the show!

To view a clip of “Best Practices in Banana Time” at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (in conjunction with CEPA Gallery) in Buffalo, NY:

“Best Practices in Banana Time” is supported by a CREATIVE CAPlTAL AWARD.
Special thanks to EYEBEAM for use of their virtual island, home of our sputnik inspired TV Studio.

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