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Ellen Rogers, Remembering Our Fallen, a Memorial Day Art Performance

May 28, 2010  by: Dom

Date:  Monday, May 31, 2010
Time:  9am – 5pm.
Place:  University at Buffalo, North Campus in front of Capen Hall (Founders Plaza)

The piece created, all 5500 names of US military casualties, will be left to fade with time and weather.

Rogers is a graduate student in The Visual Studies Department at the University at Buffalo, and this is her third annual Memorial Day public art project.

For questions or more information, contact:

Ellen Rogers

This performance will remember and honor our Fallen by writing all 5500 names of the US military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The purpose is not to condone or condemn the military or the wars, but to prevent those of us not directly affected by the wars from ignoring and forgetting the on-going loss of lives. I belief it is important to keep the dialogue going and not let it fade into the background behind other political issues.

Each name will be written in chalk (red, white, and blue) along the Founders Plaza on the UB North Campus. Walking past name after name after name will give us one way to see the human cost of the wars, knowing that each represents a person lost and a family devastated.

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