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Kyle Butler: Aggregate

April 20, 2010  by: Dom

Kyle Butler, Aggregate

Kyle Butler, Aggregate

A reception was held April 17, 2010 at Buffalo Arts Studio to celebrate the opening of two solo exhibitions featuring the work of Buffalo-based artists Kyle Butler and Dennis Maher. Artist talks @ 7-8 p.m. Reception with live music by w ((aa)) ouw @ 8-10 p.m. Performance by Kyle Butler @ 10 p.m.

Exhibition runs through May 29, 2010.

Kyle Butler is a painter, sculptor, and video artist currently living in Buffalo, NY. Largely influenced by architecture and urban planning, his work is based on the idea of structure as a literal and figurative barrier and tool of social control. The style and subject matter of Butler’s paintings incorporate an instantaneous energy (heightened by the use of spray paint) indicative of the immediacy of life’s traumas: the loss of a home or job; the death of a loved one. While destruction is indubitably at the core of Butler’s works, there is a hint of optimism: as melted bricks, wooden planks, and other debris explode and implode, others take on anthropomorphic forms, breathing and oscillating with the earth’s movements and awkwardly yet persistently lifting themselves upward. Dennis Maher is a Buffalo-based artist who examines relationships between processes of construction and destruction, repair and disuse, undoing and redoing, and decay and regeneration. For his exhibition at Buffalo Arts Studio, Maher will present three series of photographic assemblages documenting various stages in the transformation of discarded matter into organizations suggestive of architectural models and plans for imagined cityscapes. Influenced by the artist’s formal training in both architecture and painting, the three-dimensional work elicits an explosive, chaotic quality upon first glance which yields a more calculated, topographical semblance when frontally observed. Through the assimilation of ostensibly disparate residential and commercial elements, Maher’s self-contained sculptures characterize arcological ideals of community, accessibility, and efficiency, while challenging us to creatively reevaluate and find potential in the neglected.

Buffalo Arts Studio (BAS) is a not-for-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide affordable studio space and regular public exposure for regional, national, and international artists through exhibitions, and to enrich the community with art classes, mural programs, and public art. Exhibitions, public art projects, and classes help the studio serve as a cultural center.

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