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The Reality of Play | Alex Turchinsky & Jeannette Wiley

December 4, 2009  by: Dom

DECEMBER 4TH – 11TH 2009
20 Auburn Street, Buffalo NY 14213
Opening Reception: DECEMBER 4TH 2009 7PM

The Reality of Play is a collaborative exhibit by two University At Buffalo artists, Alex Turchinsky and Jeannette Wiley. Both will present photography works as well as interactive pieces. Their artworks present unique relationships between objects, their changing environments, and the viewer.

In Shadows at Play, Jeannette examines the abstract forms of shadows via photography. Accompanying this is an interactive sculpture in which the participants use independent objects connected to a moveable mechanism to create their own shadows in an opposing space. The viewer is invited to communicate their own message using the tools provided and create and capture an original shadow.

Alex’s exhibition will be a glance into how humans react to the tools they are given and how those tools can create different outcomes within the same context. Alex will be creating a large collage of envelopes filled with different responses from strangers when asked the same question. The viewer is then invited to add his or her own responses into empty envelopes. Other setups will be provided in which the participants create and collage their own images and narratives.
The gallery visitors will document the night with disposable cameras. The resulting images will be incorporated into the works for the nights following.

Alex Turchinsky is a New York Native who currently a senior in Photography at the University at Buffalo. She focuses on what we see individually and what we see together as a whole. As an artist who thoroughly enjoys watching, she derives “unseen” moments from everyday life. During her college career she studied abroad in Florence, Italy and Copenhagen, Denmark. Her experiences abroad have influenced Alex’s views on culture and her artistic process.

Jeannette Wiley is a senior in Graphic Design at the University At Buffalo. Her works explore the literal crafting of design and moving beyond a two-dimension layout. Therefore, she works in a wide variety of mediums. Her pieces frequently involve type and language and how they relate to one another. She is fascinated by the playful nature of typography and its related forms in nature.

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