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marketplace | Nina Leo, Stefani Bardin

December 2, 2009  by: Dom


Nina Leo  Stefani Bardin
Friday, December 4, 2009 from 6-8 pm.

Free and open to the public.

The Market Arcade building was once part of ‘the belly of buffalo’, connecting the stretch of Main Street with the flourishing public market that formerly existed at Washington and Chippewa streets.  As a means for reconsidering the role of community interactions in contemporary culture this installation transplants sensorial triggers (recorded audio and manufactured scents) from the still vibrant Jean-Talon Market in Montreal into the Arcade.

marketplace is an investigation into the erosion of every day community interactions within capitalist societies. Where city centers were once brimming with the sights, sounds and smells of people gathering sustenance, engaging in social interactions and exploring each other’s cultures, they are now, in many cities, silent and abandoned remains of failed capitalist endeavors.  The fall of community-based markets in lieu of decentralized urban sprawl and technology-based consumerism has, in effect, replaced the phenomenological world of the spice route with the one-dimensional world of the cyber route.

marketplace will run on the following schedule
Friday, 12/4 6-8 pm
Saturday, 12/5 12-2 pm
Friday, 12/11 6-8 pm
Saturday, 12/12 12-2 pm
Friday, 12/18 6-8 pm
Saturday, 12/19 12-2 pm

Nina Leo is in installation artist working primarily in sculpture, drawing, sound and scent. Her work explores the manufacture of isolation and the redesign of intimacy in contemporary environments, looking specifically at how estrangement from direct multi-sensorial engagement might redefine our experience, influence our sense of self and shape our sociopolitical perceptions.  She holds an Honors B.A. in Visual Arts from the University
of Western Ontario and is currently completing her MFA at the University at Buffalo. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and public institutions in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. She is represented in Toronto by The Red Head Gallery.

Stefani Bardin is a media maker whose work situates itself at the intersections of food, technology and science. By examining industrial food production and using such tools as artificial food smells and gastroenterology technology she examines how our food systems have been altered through the modern influences of technology and corporate culture. She has presented her work nationally and internationally at venues including the University of Technology Sydney, UCLA Hammar Museum, The Slade School of Art, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center and Alfred University. She currently teaches in the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo.

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