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Annual Awards Recipients

April 1, 2009  by: Dom

The following awards were presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon, April 2009

Evelyn Lord Rumsey Scholarship
Evelyn Rumsey was born into a prominent Buffalo family. Her brother, Charles Cary Rumsey was a well-known sculptor, some of whose work has been restored by the Casting Institute. Evelyn was a student of Robert Henri and Charles Hawthorne, and one of her works was exhibited in the New York Armory Show of 1913. According to one critic, “Her most significant work, the early impressionist paintings, establish her as one of a select group of early 20th-century American impressionist painters.”

This award is made to a junior-level major for summer travel or study. The recipient is determined by the entire faculty, based on the quality of the exhibited work and a written proposal describing how the award will be used.

The 2009 Rumsey winners are Christopher Fecio and Elise Brooks, both BFA students in Photography. Christopher will be traveling across the US and Elise will be traveling to Spain.

The Sally Hoskins Potenza Memorial Scholarship was established by the family of Sally Hoskins Potenza, who was a painter and graduate student in the Art Department at the time of her early death. One of her works was purchased by David Rockefeller for his private collection. The award was chosen this year by Mary Joy Buscemi, a niece of Ms. Potenza.

The award recipient this year is Ben Minter, a junior and Laura Bouchet, a BFA student in Painting, a senior.

Morrison Scholarships, established by Louis Morrison and his family, are awarded to talented art majors and help support them towards completion of their degrees.

Fall 08 :

Bronson Abbott
Eric Alderman
Jenna Bates
Michael Biondo
Jenna Boerman
David Condon
Alana Fajemisin
Linsey Goodenough
Megan Koss
Keeli Shannon
Charlene Smerdon
Samantha Stone
Satoshi Tsuchiyama

Spring 09:

Jeannette Wiley
Yee Ka Wong
Wai Chan Chan
King Yin Cheung
Kelly Cross
Devin Flood
Lyndsay Gallivan
Ronald Hoffman
Vax Yu-Chan Liu
Anneliese Knudsen
Matthew Measer
Andrew Vaga
Catherine Willett

Philip C. Elliott and Virginia Cuthbert Elliott Painting Scholarship
Virginia and Philip Elliott taught at the Albright Art School before that became UB’s Department of Art in the early 1950s. Philip Elliott was director of the Albright Art School and the Department’s first chair and faculty until 1969. Virginia Cuthbert Elliott also taught in the department until 1969. Both were highly visible in the Buffalo art scene and strong forces in shaping the Department.

This award is made to a junior in the Painting program, selected by the Painting faculty. Undergraduate recipients this year are:

Laura Bochet
Elise Brooks

Carl E. Sentz and Virginia W. Sentz Memorial Award
Carl and Virginia Sentz set up a bequest to the Department for “a worthy student in fine arts.”

Amanda Maciuba has been selected to receive the Sentz award. Amanda is a senior in the Print Media concentration.

CAS Outstanding Senior Award
The College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding senior award is given to a senior that has a proven record of excellence in each department.

This year’s award winner for Visual Studies is Jacqueline Spicer, a senior in General Studio and an Art History minor.

Alan E. Cober Award
Alan E. Cober Award was set up by the friends and family of Alan E. Cober to honor his memory and his body of work. Alan Cober was a visiting professor in Illustration at UB form 1986-1996. The endowment was established to support students who are studying drawing at UB.

This year’s Cober award is awarded to two students, Amanda Maciuba and Catherine Willett.

Julius Bloom Memorial Scholarship

Julius Bloom worked in a typographic environment with some of the best typographers and graphic designers in the United States. He was instrumental in organizing the International Center for the Typographic Arts and helped to host their first international conference in the mid-1960s.

The scholarship, created by Toby Bloom Schoellkopf, in memory of her father, is given for excellence in graphic design to a junior in the Graphic Design program. The winner is selected by faculty in the CD program. Rick Schoelkopf is here today. The winner is selected by faculty in the CD program.

The recipient, Devin Flood, is a senior in the B.F.A. Graphic Design concentration.

Dennis Domkowski Memorial Scholarship
This award is funded by Brainstorm (formerly: the Professional Communicators of Western New York) in memory of Dennis Domkowski to provide scholarships to students in the Graphic Design program. The recipient is selected by faculty in that program, with the approval of Brainstorm.

This year’s recipient is David Condon, a senior in the Graphic Design concentration, who is currently studying abroad.

William E. Townsend Photography Scholarship Fund
This award is a result an endowment set up by William E. Townsend, UB Class of 1950 to recognize a worthy student in photography. Mr. Townsend set up this award because of his lifelong love of photography and his experience in auditing photography courses in the Department of Art.

This year’s winners of the Townsend Scholarship are:

Haley Hart, a senior in the Photography concentration.
Satoshi Tushinyama, a senior in the Photography concentration.

Eugene L. Gaier Award for Excellence in Printmaking
Eugene L. Gaier is a collector of contemporary works on paper, a longtime friend of the Art Department and Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology at UB.

Amanda Maciuba, in the Print Media concentration, is this year’s recipient of this award.

Eugene L. Gaier Award for Excellence in Drawing is awarded this year to:

Jessica Bauman, a senior in the Painting concentration.

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