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Daily Immediacy: An Online Exhibition of Mobile Media Images

March 13, 2009  by: Dom


An Online Exhibition of Mobile Media Images

Amy Meza Luraschi is a 1st year MFA student in the Department of Art.

A diary is a daily record of events and experiences. Because of the accessibility and instantaneous nature of camera phones, people are turning into spontaneous photojournalists. They are becoming more aware of their surroundings and more apt to capture aspects of everyday life. From the mundane to the spectacular, images are being inconspicuously captured and transmitted through the wireless infrastructure. These versatile images are an immediate document of daily life and have a unique aesthetic because of their lo-fi/low-resolution quality.

You are invited to participate in this new online gallery. Please submit your daily mobile images to

You can email them directly from your phone as a multimedia message (mms) or email them as jpegs. Selected images will be featured weekly on this site. This is an experiment of sorts to see how we are choosing to encapsulate our daily lives.




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