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About Art at UB

“Different people see things differently.” The Department of Art at the University at Buffalo is dedicated to developing the creative skills of students in studio and post-studio art and graphic design, as well as their academic skills in aesthetics, critical theory, and art history in order to enable students to represent their unique visions within the contemporary cultural environment.

Some of us engage painting, sculpture, video, photography, performance and a host of new digital technologies to explore the richness of the imagination and the diverse possibilities of experience. Others of us pursue the same investigation in academic prose. But what unites us all is a belief that the pursuit of knowledge and the power of creative acts contributes to the development of our consciousness and aids us in optimally engaging the cultural, social, and political questions and conversations of our times.

Students in Art at UB benefit from the combination of a rigorous studio curriculum and the study of contemporary critical art theory within the context of a wide ranging university education. These skills can be transferred to a wide range of applications and career paths.

202 Center for the Arts, North Campus
Buffalo, New York 14260-6010
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