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EP/GD Instructor FAQ

Spring 2015 EP/GD Instructor FAQ

Welcome to Spring 2015. You are receiving this email because you are teaching a course that meets in the Emerging Practices/Graphic Design computer labs. Below you’ll find answers to many of the lab questions you may have. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY and feel free to ask me for more information.
!! HIGHLIGHTS – Please Read !!
• New Friday and Sunday lab hours:
M-Th 9am – 9pm
Fr 9am – 6pm
Sat Closed
Sun 1pm-6pm
• Apple TVs have been installed in 136, 140, 142 and 146. You and your students may share the screen of an iPhone or iPad.
• An iPad mini is available for you to borrow, to experiment with mobile technologies.
• New printer: The Xerox 7835 Multifunction device is working well. Students will need instruction on how to set up their accounting code (person number) before using for the first time. Please go over with them how to do so, or ask me and I will demo to your class. Instructions at <>.
• The vinyl cutter and large format printer are operational. Free for student class projects (within reason – talk to me first).
8. LAB FEES & ACADEMIC INTEGRITY (for your Syllabus)
The EP/GD Room Schedule is attached here and also posted outside of 136, 140, 142 & 146. Please note the rooms your classes meet in on each day. Most classes meet one day a week in a lecture space, and one day in the teaching lab. The room assignments on your students’ schedules may not correspond with the rooms listed on this chart, so expect some confusion during the first week.
This room schedule is also be online at <>.

spring 2015

Classes begin, teaching lab opens 
Mon Jan 26

Open Lab opens 
Mon Feb 2, 9am

Labs close – Spring Recess 
Sun Nov 25, 9pm
Labs reopen – 
Mon Dec 1, 9am

Last Day of Classes 
Fri Dec 5

Open Lab closes for the semester 
Sun Dec 7, 5pm

To familiarize yourself with lab procedures, please read the Lab Guidelines at <>.
Please inform your students that they are REQUIRED TO READ THE LAB GUIDELINES. The URL is also posted on lab computer log-in screens.
4. ROOM KEYS, CODES and ALARMS (Confidential)
CFA 136, 140, and 142: Instructors must obtain/reactivate a door code for access. See Dom in 139 if you need a door code.
CFA 146: Tech cabinet
At the end of class, log out & shut down computer and projector, replace keyboard and remotes, close and lock cabinet door. Please be sure that the locker door is locked and the projector is off when there is no class in session.
LAB INTRUSION ALARM: A security alarm protects 136, 137, 139, 140, 141 and 142. Full time faculty have been given a permanent code which should not be shared. Before unlocking 136, 137, 139, 140, 141 or 142, check the alarm panel outside of room 141. Be sure the GREEN “READY” indicator is lit before unlocking any of these rooms. If the RED “ARM” indicator is lit, you must enter the alarm code to disarm.
If you are the last to leave the lab area, you must arm the system. Please check to be sure all above rooms are empty and the doors are securely locked. Then arm the system by pressing “INSTANT” and the alarm code. The RED “ARM” indicator will light.
If you set off the alarm, immediately phone campus police at 645-2222. There is a red phone down the hall near the darkroom, or use a mobile. An officer will arrive and check your UB ID card.
Do not leave the teaching lab 136 unattended. If the next instructor is not in the room when you leave, please close and lock the lab.
Log in to lab computers with your UB IT name and lab passwords.
If you are not prompted to change your password at first login, immediately go to System Preferences>Accounts and change your password.
During the Drop/Add period, students who have registered late and are not yet in the system can log into the Guest account. After that period all students must login with their UB IT names. Do not share your account login with your students. Have them see Dom if they have problems logging in.
Your account includes a server-based Home folder for documents and preferences, which can also be accessed from outside the labs. User accounts are synchronized from the server to the local hard drive at login and in the background during a work session. To minimize synchronization time, students should be encouraged to store a minimal amount of data in their home directories and use external drives for large files and backups.
Students should be required to carry removable storage devices to class on a regular basis, to make frequent backups of their work, and to take a copy of their work with them on their externals when they finish a session. Synchronization errors between lab clients and the server have resulted in a few cases of lost work. User’s folders on the servers are not backed up. If the server goes down, students should still be expected to have their work with them on their own drives.
VS Server 1 hosts the departmental Web server <> and classnotes <> that you can use to post class info. See Dom if you would like to add your course to the site. (You can also use UB Learns for this purpose.)
VS Server 2 is our file server for users’ Home directories and for the CourseWork folder where each class may collect and hand out materials. All users can post Web sites in their own Home/Sites folder. The URL to a user’s site would be <[UBIT name]>. Note that students who are using their Sites folders for their Web sites must synchronize with the server before changes are made live.
To connect to the File server for Home directories and CourseWork:
If you are connecting from off-campus or within the residence halls a UB VPN connection must first be made. Download and install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client free from UBIT. Launch the VPN Client and make an Off-Campus connection before making the connection to the VS servers.

From a Mac:

• From Finder, Go>Connect to server… type in
• Log-in with your UB IT name and computer art lab password.
• Select your Home directory and/or CourseWork.

From Windows:

• Make an smb connection by choosing Start>Computer. In the address bar at the top of the window that opens, type \
• Log-in with your UB IT name and EPCD lab password.
By default, only you have read/write permissions to new folders you create in your class’s CourseWork folder. Your students will not be able to put files into them until you change the “Everyone” privileges to “Read/Write” (for full access) or “Write Only” (so that they cannot see into the folder or remove files).
To assign permissions to a folder or file: Select it and choose File>Get Info>Ownership & Permissions. You will see the following three categories:
1. OWNER: You are the owner and have READ/WRITE privileges by default.
2. GROUP: You might assign Group READ/WRITE privileges to the faculty group if you’d like other instructors to be able to manipulate these files, or you may set the Group privileges to “NONE”.
3. OTHERS: This is everyone else who has access, including students.
    • READ/WRITE – all users can add, open, and edit files
    • READ ONLY – all users can see and read the files but not edit them or add additional file
    • WRITE ONLY (or Drop Box) – all users can put files in but not see the contents of the folder
    • NONE – no users except you and perhaps the FACULTY GROUP have access.
Each EP/GD room contains a Mac with DVD drive, AppleTV, speakers and projector. When finished, logout, and turn off the projector lamp. If you are not familiar with operation of the LCD projectors or other equipment, please see Dom for a demo.
8. LAB FEES & WAIVERS (for your Syllabi)
Please include the following items in your syllabi: 
Lab fees
A $100 fee will be charged to your tuition bill for each LAB course. These funds ensure the availability of the latest software and advanced hardware, file servers, projectors, supplies for printing, and other instructional technology needs. Every EP/GD course benefits from digital technology and students are required to use the technology either in the creation or the presentation of work. Lab fee waivers can only be issued to students who are volunteering as Lab Monitors or who drop a course within the drop/add period.
Please show you students how to select and use the Xerox 7835 from the applications they will be using. Students will need instruction on how to set up their accounting code (person number) before using for the first time. Please go over with them how to do so, or ask me and I will demo to your class. Instructions at <>..
The printer uses both 8.5×11 and 11×17 paper and can print duplex (double-sided), fold, staple and punch. It can also scan and copy.
Students receive 50 color prints and 50 bw prints per $100 lab fee. Remind your students that these printers should be used for artwork only. Text documents or work for other classes should be printed at home or in the UB public computing sites.
202 Center for the Arts, North Campus
Buffalo, New York 14260-6010
(716) 645-6878
(716) 645-6970 fax
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