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External Internships and Art/Design Related Opportunities

For Internship Providers

Thank you for considering the UB Department of Art regarding your available internship position or art/design related opportunity. We want to ensure both you and our students have a successful experience so please read over the following guidelines before sharing your opportunity. If your opportunity is relevant to the skills and educational goals of our students we will contact you to process it. Once processed we will distribute through our student listserv that notifies our undergraduates and graduates of the opportunity.

We accept internship opportunities that are both paid and unpaid but they must meet our pedagogical learning objectives. For a student to receive credit, your internship opportunity must provide real world on the job experience that includes further skills training and mentorship within that particular discipline. We realize budgets are tight and frequently businesses request student interns to complete projects utilizing their existing skill sets and knowledge in exchange for “experience.” We believe this devalues the services of the artist and designer. We discourage students from doing work for free, without monetary compensation or the opportunity to advance their learning.

Your INTERNSHIP OR ART/DESIGN RELATED OPPORTUNITY description must include the following in order to be processed:

  1. Name, address, email and phone number of company, individual or organization requesting service
  2. Name of contact person students should respond to for an internship position or volunteer opportunity
  3. Brief description of company, individual or organization requesting service
  4. Brief description outlining the job position
    1. specific job roles and services needed
      • is this for a particular art or design discipline (graphic design, sculpture, painting, photography, video, etc)
      • any special skills (technical or software, building, painting, sculptural, photographic, theatrical, etc)
      • student rank—is this for undergraduates/graduates or both?
    2. where the job takes place—office, off site location, or work from home situation
    3. amount of hours per week (internships for credit must fulfill 8 hours/week for a total of 120 for a semester)
    4. duration of job including start and end date
  5. If this is paid work please list hourly rate or amount of compensation

Please email your completed internships and volunteer opportunities description to Peggy Moffitt in the Department of Art:

202 Center for the Arts, North Campus
Buffalo, New York 14260-6010
(716) 645-6878
(716) 645-6970 fax
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