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What is Graduate Studies in the Department of Art at UB?

The Department of Art unites the disciplines of art, art history and theory. Practicing artists and designers are expected to cultivate the relationship of research, theory and history to their work, and, concurrently, art historians, theorists and curators are compelled to engage multiple visual platforms and environments beyond the traditional discourse of art.

The emphasis of our programs on interdisciplinary practice, supported by the University at Buffalo’s comprehensive research facility, is at the core of our departmental mission.

The University

Since its founding, the University at Buffalo has been dedicated to shepherding the new, whether in terms of artistic practice or novel forms of academic analysis. When Michel Foucault first taught at an American university, it was UB, and in doing so he joined Leslie Fiedler, dean of American literary critics; poets such as Robert Creeley and Charles Olson; composers like Morton Feldman—in short, the cutting edge. To this day, Buffalo carries on this rich tradition of progressive scholarship and artistic practice (Tony Conrad, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Media Study, has been teaching at Buffalo since 1979 and Bruce Jackson, SUNY Distinguished Professor and the James Agee Professor of American Culture is a leading documentary photographer and progressive activist). The University at Buffalo is a flagship institution in the State University of New York system and its largest and most comprehensive campus. UB’s more than 29,850 students pursue their academic interests through more than 300 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs.

The Facilities — Studios, Labs, Equipment and Other Support

M.F.A. students are given 24/7 access to the building and a secure private or semi-private (double) studio space located in the Center for the Arts (CFA).

In order to promote cross-disciplinarity, M.F.A. students also have access to various labs throughout the department as long as they responsible citizens and use the labs and equipment safely. Five outstanding Instructional Support Technicians manage our labs and provide support and safe environments for all levels of activities. All grads must consult with the technician in charge of the lab before beginning new projects.

Graphic Design and Emerging Practices (first floor)/ Domenic Licata

  • several Mac-based computer and multimedia labs with the support of a dedicated server and access to a wide range of software applications
  • a dedicated lab for experimental physical computing and robotics
  • a range of printers, scanners and projectors
  • soundproof recording and editing studio

Photography (first floor)/ Daniel Calleri

  • a large darkroom with enlargers for b/w printing
  • a large darkroom dedicated to non-silver processes
  • a project room for temporary projects and installations (sign-up basis)
  • several individual darkrooms for extended projects
  • a professional shooting studio with studio lights and seamless walls
  • a photo classroom with computers, scanners, small and large format printers
  • a clean room dedicated to matting and preparation of 2-d work and photographs
  • large format cameras and digital backs are available for graduate use

Print media (lower level)/ Jeff Sherven

  • a lithography lab w/ 3 Tackach presses and a large array of limestone
  • intaglio, relief and book art lab with 5 Brand presses
  • screenprint lab with backlit washout
  • a large exposure unit for all print processes
  • a letterpress lab Vandercook 3 proof press, wood and lead type (1st floor)
  • a range of computers, scanners, printers, copiers to support printmedia

Sculpture (lower level)/ Chris Siano

  • a dedicated wood shop (table saw, bandsaw, lathe, planer, panel saw, etc.)
  • metal fabrication shop (welding, cutting, sandblast, shear)
  • a casting foundry with 2 large furnaces, speedy pot and kiln
  • adjoining the foundry is a wax and ceramic room for preparing molds
  • a dedicated laser printer lab
  • a project room for large scale 3-d work and installation (sign-up basis)
  • outdoor sculpture pad and hoists


  • BAP (Big Archival Prints) is range of large format inkjet printers (basement)/ Jeff Sherven
  • ARC (Art Resource Center) (lower level). The ARC supports all VS instructors by making frequently used and shared digital equipment available for checkout (video, sound, projectors, etc.)
    As a convenience to students the ARC also sells and rents a small range of widely used materials and tools  paper, printmaking plates, plaster, plywood, screens, woodcutting tools, etc.)
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