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Christopher Lee

Assistant Professor

Graphic Design

Office: CFA 226A
Phone Number: 716-645-0541

Chris Lee is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (Toronto) and the Graphic Design Master’s program at the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam). While at the Sandberg, his work focused on speculative visualizations of (alternative) currencies, and their attendant institutions and ephemera. In his personal work and research, Chris is interested in the potential of designing speculative scenarios, objects and ephemera as ways to supply forms with which to articulate, and perhaps even prefigure, other political possibilities.

Chris has facilitated several workshops in the United States, Scotland, the Netherlands, and Croatia, and has written texts, that both play with and reflect on the relationship between graphic design and currency. He has exhibited work and created projects for art spaces in Scotland, the Netherlands, Croatia and Canada.

Chris is also currently a member of the programming committee at Gendai Gallery (Toronto) where he co-developed a year-long screening and workshop series (2012-13) and publication (2014) called “Model Minority,” which aimed to contribute to the vitality of marginalized histories of Asian-American political activism and critique the inheritance of Canadian multicultural policy. He also serves on the editorial board of the journal Scapegoat (Toronto), for which he was also the designer between 2010–2013. Chris has also worked at The Walrus Magazine, Cmagazine, Metahaven and Bruce Mau Design.

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