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Emerging Practices Research Forum, Spring 2013

January 28, 2013  by: Dom

EP Research Forum

You are invited to join the Emerging Practices [EP] research forum this spring for a series of conversations (beginning Friday, February 1, 2013) featuring visiting theorists, curators, and practitioners working across domains and methodologies, each concerned with the role of technology in socio-cultural production. Each speaker will present their work in a short lecture, to be Read More

Chris Coleman interviewed by Cycling ’74

March 22, 2010  by: Dom

An Interview with Chris Coleman I started making tools and experimenting with the 3D parts of Jitter, and testing out all of the possibilities with it. And it was great; I worked with Radian and Pan-American and DJ Spooky, working on all these great projects that came through Buffalo NY while I was there. (And B. Read More

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