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Inter-Spectra: UB Department of Art Senior Thesis Exhibition Opens Friday, 5.5 at Silo City

May 2, 2017  by: Natalie Fleming

Join us May 5th, from 5-9PM at Silo City, 120 Childs Street, Buffalo, NY, for Inter-Spectra, the UB Department of Art Senior Thesis Exhibition.

Artists include: Evelyn Bellreng, Brie Bourdage, Rachel Coan, Elisa Cremean, Akasya Crosier, Lisa DeAbreu, Kayleigh Fogle, Sarah Gabler, Ashley Graham-Houston, Isabella Gulino, Samantha Hevland, Linda Jurdi, Mitch Krumm, Allison Mikulec, Cody Schriever, Kathryn Toffolo, Daniel Tsegai, Lucas Veraldi, Melisa Villavicencio, and Kate Whitecar,

The advanced Senior Thesis course is the culmination of the undergraduate experience for majors in the Department of Art’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  It allows students who have completed all of the first three years of studio art requirements to develop projects that coalesce skills in their emerging studio practice.  This process has involved preparation, research, proposal development, and initial studio exploration for a project to be completed for an exhibition that distills their experience.  The expectation is for their work to demonstrate technical expertise, independent motivation, maturing personal interpretation and expression, as well as understanding one’s work in relation to one’s contemporary cultural landscape.  Students have worked in one or a combination of studio art media expressing their fine art or design thesis, considering their audience and the context in which one’s work is more vital.

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