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Closing Reception for “The Continuous Journey,” MFA Thesis Exhibition by Joseph Frank

April 14, 2017  by: Natalie Fleming

The Continuous Journey, an MFA thesis exhibition by Joseph Frank, will have a closing reception tonight from 8-10PM at Sugar City Gallery, 1239 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY.

This exhibition features an extensive series of paintings made by Frank, which tell the story of a person who is born into a life that he does not choose. As he struggles to make sense of the world around him, he encounters a variety of things that are unfamiliar to him, often in the form of technology and other material objects. Initially each thing excites him, but it often backfires through his misuse of each thing or through no fault of his own. The story becomes more complicated once he begins to encounter other living things, in the form of plants, animals, and other people. Once this happens, he is able to break the repetitive cycle of being excited and then let down. What is being explained in this series is that technology and consumerism have become an inseparable part of our lives. If we are to live truly happy lives then we must expose ourselves to these things with moderation, without losing sight of what is most important. The exhibition will also include an animation piece, composed of individual pictures of each of the paintings.


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