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Last Day to See Work by Department of Art Seniors & Amsterdam based Hackers & Designers in the Project Space

October 18, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming


Last day in the Project Space!

Amsterdam-based Hackers & Designers (represented by Anja Groten, Selby Gildemacher) set up a live and interactive publishing platform that takes voice input and transcribes it to text. It then processes keywords through an automated image search which it adds to the layout of the text. This amalgam of text and image is then output immediately on to receipt paper, which is itself fragile and temporary as the prints fade over time.

This year’s Senior Thesis class mobilized this apparatus to input the first drafts of their artist statements and exhibit the subsequent processing of the results.

Hackers & Designers is a non-profit cross-disciplinary community of programmers, engineers, designers, and artists. H&D began in 2013 and has mainly been focused on connecting professionals from tech-oriented fields with professionals from the creative sector, and the other way around. H&D has, up until this point organized monthly meetups where short collaborative and inclusive workshops (1–3 hours) are given. Since 2015 H&D organizes the H&D Summer Academy in Amsterdam. Fostering an understanding of contemporary digital culture and maximizing participation, ambiguities and misconceptions about topics like privacy, surveillance, open source, user-controlled platforms, role of algorithms, digital-self and identity are researched in a playful and hands-on manner.

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