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This Week in the Project Space – Photographs by Lucas Veraldi

September 27, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming


This Week in the Project Space: UB Department of Art senior and photography student Lucas Veraldi and his Untitled series.  His work will be on view through Saturday, October 1, 2016.

Veraldi states: “This work examines the concept of making quotidian objects non-identifiable. When we look a something we can tie it to a word that describes it and suddenly we understand what it is. Through this reasoning, we deduce the object’s function and its purpose. I aim to explore what we are left with when we take away these signifiers. Philosophers have been exploring the idea of objects since the very start of documented thought. Simply put, an object is what it is because of the signifiers that inform us. Here I take these signifiers away and research what we are left with. These forms enter a state of flux. Their meanings change with each viewer that engages with them. Personal experience, perspective, mood, and emotion all become the primary factors that allow us to experience these works. Through the process of stripping the object of its objectivity, I am allowing it to have a new narrative and a new purpose. Digital noise and pixilation form an aesthetic in the work, becoming evidence of the process that created it. The pixels and digital noise pay homage to the digital world while simultaneously aiding to the abstraction of the objects. What does the work mean to you? Why might that be? These are the concepts I wish to explore.”

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