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Professors Chen, Linder, Quigley, and Vanouse in PED Collective, Toronto 6/23 – 8/21

June 23, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming


PED Collective, PED.Buffalo, 2001.

PED Collective, PED.Buffalo, 2001.


PED Collective: Millie Chen, Andrew Johnson, Joan Linder, Warren Quigley, Paul Vanouse

June 23 to August 21, 2016

Koffler Gallery | Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street

Curator: Mona Filip      

SUMMER OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, June 23, 2016 | 6 – 9 PM | FREE

The PED Collective is a full service organization slated to inform, entertain and educate through a range of site-specific bicycle tours designed to reveal layers of a city’s life. Engaging a spectrum of professional and amateur narrators to populate audio tracks delivered via bicycle-mounted speakers, PED re-imagines and transforms our experiences of familiar streetscapes.

The Canadian-American collective has now created three audio bike tours through Toronto’s West Queen West area that examine the city’s shifting identities, multi-faceted realities and imagined potentials. 
Toronto the Good incorporates literary and filmic references, Toronto the Better focuses on the current streetscape and local culture around the Koffler Gallery, and Toronto the Best channels science fiction into a call to action.

Converted into the PED Station and Museum, the Gallery becomes a bicycle terminal and information hub with multimedia displays featuring a retrospective of past PED projects and a live feed observation centre that extends the outdoor experience and interactive engagement with the city.

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