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Professors Stephanie Rothenberg and Paul Vanouse in Techne Showcase Tonight at Hallwalls

May 5, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming


Techne Showcase: Material, Mechanical and Artificial

May 5 @ 5:30pm, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

Screening Room, 341 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202

Light Refreshments will be served

The Techne Institute is a confluence of artists, scientists and engineers that engage through research, critical analysis, performance and technical development. This inaugural Techne showcase represents a conversation between members of the Techne faculty: work that we’re doing and where we may be going.  Each showcase talk will be a short, informal and media infused talk to stimulate discussion between the presenter and audience. Join us for a wide-ranging conversation on DNA, robots, gesture and virtual economies!

Featured Presenters (full descriptions below):

  • Stephanie Rothenberg (Department of Art) – Reversal of Fortune: Crowdsourcing Your Philanthropy
  • Venkat Krovi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) – Humans and Robots: Made for each other?
  • Jeff Higginbotham (Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences) – Remote Pointing in the Now: Communicating Through Computer Displays
  • Paul Vanouse (Department of Art) – Matter as Media
  • Tero Karppi – (Department of Media Study) Culture of Disconnectivity: Social Media + Predictive Policing

Stephanie Rothenberg – Reversal of Fortune: Crowdsourcing Your Philanthropy

I will talk about my recent project “REVERSAL OF FORTUNE,” a series of robotic gardens that examine the intersection of social media, finance and philanthropy. In these gardens, plants represent recipients of charitable acts in economically challenged regions, creating a more physical, sensorial experience with data. “GARDEN OF VIRTUAL KINSHIP” is a continuous live mapping of the flow of micro finance capital as it travels from the Global North to South and back to the banks who ultimately profit. “PLANTHROPY” is a garden of glowing, digital hanging plants that respond to actual Twitter messages posted by donors to various charities.

Stephanie Rothenberg is an interdisciplinary artist using performance, installation and networked media to create provocative public interactions. Mixing real and virtual spaces, her work explores the power dynamics between contemporary visions of utopia and real world issues. She has exhibited in venues such as the New York Hall of Science, Sundance Film Festival, Transmediale Berlin and ZKM Center for Art & Media Karlsruhe. She is a recipient of numerous awards including a Creative Capital and her work is in the collection of the Whitney Museum. She is Associate Professor in the Department of Art at SUNY Buffalo.

Venkat Krovi – Humans and Robots: Made for each other?

The dream of robots and humans collaborating within each other’s personal space is coming of age in many application realms, from manufacturing assistive robots on the shop floor, to socially- and physically-assistive robots in people’s home, to clinically-assistive robots for autism/dementia. In my brief talk, I’ll provide a high level overview of the current state-of- the-art in these robotics applications that will hopefully provide grist for a robust discussion of Robots and Humans: Made for each other?

Venkat N. Krovi is a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He directs the Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics (ARM) Laboratory at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. His research interests are in the lifecycle treatment (design, modeling, analysis, control, implementation and verification) of novel mechanical, mechatronic and robotic systems. See for details.

 Jeff Higginbotham – Remote Pointing in the Now: Communicating Through Computer Displays

Pointing is a fundamental property of communication not only as a means of indication but the ways that attentional frames are established to contextualize pointing and foster engagement. In my presentation I will show several novel examples of pointing and the ways that human gesture functions when displayed remotely through computer screens and via remotely controlled instrumentation.

Jeff Higginbotham is a professor and chair of the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences and the director of the Center for Excellence in Augmented Communication at UB. His research focuses on the interactive accommodations that people make when trying to converse using computers and other communication technologies.

Paul Vanouse – Matter as Media

I am an artist whose work addresses complex issues raised by new techno-sciences using these very techno-sciences as media of expression.  In this talk, I will discuss my artworks that use DNA as an artistic medium and molecular biology techniques as artistic tools.  Emphasizing its physical materiality, I’ve sought to challenge “genome-hype” and misleading metaphors surrounding DNA.

Paul Vanouse is a Professor of Art at the University at Buffalo, NY, where he is Head of the Emerging Practices concentration, Director of Graduate Studies and Founding Director of the new Coalesce Center for Biological Art. Interdisciplinarity and impassioned amateurism guide his art practice. His bio-media and interactive cinema projects have been exhibited in over 25 countries and widely across the US.

Tero Karppi – Culture of Disconnectivity: Social Media + Predictive Policing

In this talk, I will discuss how social media data is currently being used in predicting crimes and how there is a new industry built around predictive policing technologies based on the on-going computational turn.

Tero Karppi is assistant professor of media theory at the Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo. In his work Karppi focuses on disconnections in social media and network culture.

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