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Opening for Lisa DeAbreu’s “What Truly Terrifies Me” in the Project Space Tonight

March 29, 2016  by: Natalie Fleming

What Truly Terrifies Me Opening Poster-2

This evening at 6:00 PM, please join Department of Art undergraduate Lisa DeAbreu for the reception of her solo exhibition What Truly Terrifies Me.  The exhibition will be on view through Saturday, April 2nd, in The Project Space, CFA 155.

Lisa states:

“With these works I wanted to remind my audience of what is going on today. This is my record of what has happened in our current times and what will continue to happen if we do not speak on issues that stem from the complex origins of our past. I know these kinds of conversations make us uncomfortable and are draining, but we need to have them in hopes to make things better for our future.

I was always interested in using mirrors in my work. I love the qualities that using mirrors posses when you look to have your gaze reflected and see yourself. You are literally inserted into the artwork. The scene is now disrupted by you, involuntarily your essence appears. Now how do you look at a work, when a gaze is lurking? A gaze so piercing and so familiar is watching your reaction and the reactions of others while others are watching you. The pressure in looking and in reacting is on your shoulders. This dynamic calls you too look deeper not only at the work but at yourself. The photograph of Carrie Mae Weems that I distorted is an important one. Her statement is so powerful and it provides such an interesting perspective on the questions and realities of race and discrimination. Now the scenes with the mirror, the absent space for these “eternal reflections” take place in the discussions of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Oil paint is my favorite medium and I enjoy drawing and painting people. Sometimes I do want people to look like themselves and other times I don’t want the people to necessarily look like anyone in particular, so I do not include their eyes. Eyes tell so much about you. They always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So, I leave them open, with wishes that light would enter these windows, and like heat, hope would beam through.”

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