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This Week in the Project Space: Type 221

October 13, 2015  by: Natalie Fleming


Image by Linda Jurdi

Type 221
Renee Ruffino
Adjunct Professor

Students were charged with designing a poster for the graphic design class Type 221 that would illustrate one of the following topics:

  • Texting
  • Wayfinding/signage poster or a combination thereof
  • Identities (what makes up your identity)
  • Gender pronouns
  • Initials from your name

Students were challenged to unify/combine these words and letterforms to tell a ‘story’ by use of illustration through the combination of letters, type forms, and graphics into a finalized poster.

Works by:

Mason Abbey
Kwadwo Asamoah
Mercede Chen
Daeun Cheon
Joshua Crispell
Annie Farrand
Ivan Fruehan
Holly Hurst
Linda Jurdi
Anthony Khoury
Chengwei Li
Brianna Michielsen
Laura Nasca
Casey Ridings
Elizabeth Shannon
Austin Snisky
Pierce Strudier
April Tarantino
Marcella Walck
Kate Whitecar
Qidong Xi


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