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Lecture and Workshop with Jennifer Parker-Starbuck on Monday, April 13th

April 8, 2015  by: Natalie Fleming


Jennifer Parker-Starbuck
Monday, April 13th @1:00 pm
CFA Lower Gallery B45

Please join us on Monday, April 13th in the Department of Artʼs Lower Gallery (CFA B45) for a Lecture by the esteemed Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, author of Cyborg Theatre: Corporeal/Technological Intersections in Multimedia Performance (2011) and Performing Animality: Animals in Performance Practices, co-edited with Lourdes Orozco (2015).

Jenniferʼs afternoon lecture will delve into the theories underlying her first book, Cyborg Theater – specifically looking closer at her taxonomy of the body and technology in performance broken down into the three categories of: abject, object, and subject; along with updated examples of these categories applied to contemporary performance.

Jennifer will also discuss the development of her upcoming project in collaboration with UB Department of Theater and Dance Professor, Sarah Bay-Cheng.


To a workshop after Jenniferʼs lecture in the Department of Artʼs Lower Basement Gallery (CFA B45). This workshop will give an opportunity for a few selected graduate students from the Department of Art, Department of Media Study and the Department of Theater and Dance to present and discuss their multimedia performance practices with Jennifer.

This event is generously supported by: The Techne Institute, Emerging Practices in the Arts: a Humanities Institute Research Group, and the Department of Media Study Graduate Student Association

This event is free and open to the public as part of the programming for:

Phantom Vibrations, April 23 – May 16th
The Department of Artʼs Lower Gallery, CFA B45.

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