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ART 564 Biological Art | Seats Open for Sp12

December 21, 2011  by: Dom

Biological Art
Professor: Paul Vanouse
Spring 2012: M / W 12:30 – 3:00
ART 564 LAB (18218) and ART 464 LAB (24255)

Biological Art is a broad term that encompasses a growing field of artistic engagement with the knowledge and tools of life sciences. Artists working in this field utilize “wet” biological techniques as essential components of their process or finished works-thus Biology is not only a “subject” of the work, but often the “medium” of the work as well.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the field of Biological Art. The course focuses upon recent advances in the life sciences, both in theory and practice. Emphasis is placed on developing critical and creative thought, discussion of ethical and cultural issues, and cross-disciplinary experimentation in art and science. Course activities include (1) lecture and group discussion, (2) laboratory-based demonstrations, exercises and projects, (3) group critique. The class will initially meet in the Center for the Arts, but on laboratory workdays we will be meeting in Cooke Hall (at the Koudelka lab).

The course is designed primarily for art practitioners, but spaces will be reserved for interested students from the life sciences and humanities who wish to engage with the interdisciplinary activities of creative bioresearch.

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