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Carrie C Firman selected to present at the Conference of the American Synesthesia Association, Inc

August 4, 2010  by: Dom

Carrie Firman, Synexperience

Carrie C Firman, second year MFA Visual Studies student, was selected to present her current work about experiences with synesthesia (the involuntary, consistent crossing/joining of the senses) at the 8th Annual Conference of the American Synesthesia Association, Inc. The conference will take place October 1-3, 2010, at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Her presentation, “Multimedia Synesthetic Art,” is described below:

“As an artist and designer, I find inspiration for my work in synesthesia. My creative process and goals involve the unfolding, authentic description, and sharing of the very real and beautiful nature of my synesthesia. My presentation will allow the audience to experience the work described below before my summary of its content and creation.

In an on-going synesthetic diary, I record my days with color or shape representing events and changes. In April I broke my leg, causing a traumatic shift in the appearance of my calendar. “Days of Captivity” is an interactive computer piece that maps my physical and emotional journey as I deal with pain, spend time with visitors, and cope with being dependent on a wheelchair through my recovery. It serves as a decoder to my synesthetic relationship with memory and time. (Test at

Long before breaking my leg, I began having increasing, unexplainable chronic pain throughout my body. The sharp amber and radiating red hues of pain led me to design a wearable work: “Sympathy Pains.” This retrofitted trench coat shares my pain and colors with its wearer through weight, pressure, and light.

I have begun a compilation of my synesthetic reactions to sounds. This 48-piece web library ( was the inspiration to create a floor that triggers sounds and projected images. Striving to make the synesthetic experience authentic and accessible, this walk-in piece, “Synexperience,” emphasizes the elements of unexpected triggering, consistent reaction, and discovery.”

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