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Drew Mattot, Combat Paper Project, guest artist Mar. 15

March 12, 2010  by: Dom

Combat Paper

Drew Mattot, a co-founder of the Combat Paper Project will be a guest artist/ speaker in Visual Studies this coming Monday at 3:15 in  room B37/38 printmedia.  Drew will be talking about the project and will also demonstrate some of the papermaking made from uniforms they do with veterans in their workshops.  Please join us and spread the word – all are welcome!

Combat Paper Project schedule for the week of March 15

Drew Mattot and Jon Turner will be in Buffalo the week of March 15 for a week-long residency at the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative (WNYBAC), a lecture at the University at Buffalo Department of Art (3:15 Monday) and workshop at Niagara County Community College (Tuesday and Wednesday 10-2 and lecture at 2PM Thursday, Arts and Media Building. There will be a lecture and reception for them on Thursday at 7PM at the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative (WNYBAC).  During their residency, CPP will produce letterpress printed editions on paper made from uniforms that will then be bound into books and distributed to our troops in Afganistan. The prints will contain perforated post-cards that can be detached and used by the soldiers.

What is Combat Paper?

Combat Paper is made using uniforms worn while on tour during war. The uniforms are cut into pieces, cooked and macerated in a Hollander beater to make paper pulp. The pulp is then formed into paper sheets. Combat Paper has been used to make broadsides, books and personal journals, and the base for other printing processes.

What is Combat Paper used for?

War veterans use the process of making Combat Paper as a means to reconcile their experiences while engaged in conflict once they return to civilian life. The process encourages veterans to reconcile their experiences through the making of paper art.

Does Combat Paper disrespect active duty veterans?

Combat Paper is made in honor of all men and women involved in War. It is created as a means of dealing with the experiences; it offers hope and support to those who are currently involved in combat, in offering that when they return home there is a vehicle for them to express their experiences and reclaim their lives.

About Combat Paper

The story of the soldier, the Marine, the men and the women and the journeys within the military service in a time of war is the basis for this project. The goal is to utilize art as a means to help veterans reconcile their personal experiences as well as broaden the traditional narrative surrounding service, honor and the military culture.

Through papermaking workshops veterans use their uniforms worn in combat to create cathartic works of art. The uniforms are cut up, beat and formed into sheets of paper. Veterans use the transformative process of papermaking to reclaim their uniform as art and begin to embrace their experiences as a soldier in war.

The Combat Paper Project is a collaboration initiated by Drew Matott and Drew Cameron, involving war veterans, activists and artists. Robert Possehl’s Black Hawk Paper Trail Project creates paper from recently harvested plant fibers from the Black Hawk Trail through Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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