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Meat Me | an edible performance/installation by Geoffrey Krawczyk

January 21, 2010  by: Dom

Meat Me, and edible performance/installation by Geoffrey Krawczyk

Meat Me, and edible performance/installation by Geoffrey Krawczyk

Meat Me is an edible performance/installation by Geoffrey Krawczyk. It involves a full body sculpture of the artist made from meatloaf, to be cooked and eaten during the opening reception. The work is a meditation on the nature of belief and superstition in societies. Incorporating ideas of transfiguration, cannibalism, community ritual, and funerary rites, it seeks to parody the somber attitudes surrounding our taboos. The work is a playful transgression
of these taboos, using a familiar comfort food to subvert the sacred nature of the flesh. By enclosing this ritual in the trappings of a party or community get-together the piece hopes to mirror religious ceremony with a touch of humor and irony.

Meat Me also serves as a symbolic funeral of a different sort. It will be a farewell for the artist, who completes his studies in May and will be moving out of the city. By offering up slices of himself, he hopes to make his metaphorical body a part of the community he has been privileged enough to enjoy for the past two years.

Meat Me takes place Friday, January 22nd at 7pm
Vault Gallery, 720 Main St.
$3 donations for meatloaf
$2 donations for beverages

202 Center for the Arts, North Campus
Buffalo, New York 14260-6010
(716) 645-6878
(716) 645-6970 fax
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