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Snapshots, 2009

October 13, 2009  by: Dom

SnapShots, 2009

Snapshots, 2009

202 Allen Street, Buffalo NY 14201-1416
October 14 & 15 starting at 7:00pm

Snapshots, 2009 is a mini lecture series where a group of students in Photography from SUNY Buffalo, Visual Studies Department will present their artistic development during their studies at university. The two evenings will expose several artistic visions embracing different aesthetics, social and cultural concerns explored by 10 young committed artists.

Meghan Brennan researches how lines and plans explore the physical spaces within a photograph.

Jeannette Wiley explores the boundaries of two dimensional layouts.  Her work consists of design, sculpture, and photography, and varies greatly in subject and style.

Andrea Brough investigates elements of social pressures on women in American society.

Brad Phillips challenges social conformity and its effects on modern dystopia.

Satoshi Tsuchiyama journals his artistic awakenings, explores originality and its relation to the artist. He will also attempt to trace inner expeditions with embodiments of the mind.

Brielle Greenberg uses a variety of medium such as sound, film, and photography. Her body of work ranges from pop art to items of a more personal nature. Her overall research deals with the social and emotional trials and tribulations that affect her generation.

Nicole Wurstner integrates her photos into constructed spaces that recreate other time periods and unusual contexts where unfolds a discovery of “the self”.

Ethan Calabrese focuses around urban landscape and light through both traditional and digital photography.

Jessica Ballard uses photography to capture a particular stillness in landscapes.  Her photographs deal with the idea of timelessness in relation to nostalgia.

Alexandra Turchinsky investigates the daily lives of individuals as she explores the moments when we have forgotten on ‘how to see’.

We look forward to seeing and engaging you for our two evenings of Snapshots.

Contact Information:

Meghan Brennan

Brielle Greenberg

202 Center for the Arts, North Campus
Buffalo, New York 14260-6010
(716) 645-6878
(716) 645-6970 fax
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