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Naomi Marine | Nothing of Significance

March 17, 2009  by: Admin


Naomi Marine, Soft Stones Make Heavy Pockets (detail), 2008, mixed fibers media, 1/4" = 1' scale, Exhibited at UB Anderson Gallery

Naomi Marine
Nothing of Significance
UB Art Gallery, Center for the Arts

Naomi Marine’s installation¬†Nothing of Significance explores the fantastical intermingling of perceptual and material transformation. Guided by her sensual relationship to color and texture, Marine reconfigures hair, flooring insulation, textiles, paper trash, and other abject materials culled from her domestic environment into whimsical arrangements that seem uncanny in their perverse familiarity. Marine’s desire for immediacy and a love of repetitive, ritualistic actions results in marks and forms generated as multiples which use her own theatrical daydreams and desires as humorous catalysts to ponder the complexity of human motivations and the dueling powers of thought and action to transform reality.

Naomi Marine is currently living, working and collecting in Amherst, NY, far from the shimmering heat and mountains of Arizona in which she grew up. Marine received her B.F.A. in painting from Arizona State University in 2005, and is now in the final semester of study for her Master’s of Fine Arts from the University at Buffalo. She has exhibited her sculptures, paintings, and installations commercially and independently in the greater Phoenix area and Western New York, and her work is included in numerous private collections.